Pastoral Resources

Whether you are looking for a sermon illustration, quote or Bible map, you will find it here in our updated sermon essentials for helping pastors and lay-ministers be their best both personally and professionaly!

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The Sermon Illustrations Archive

A collection of over 10,000 illustrations to help get your point across whether in a sermon or Bible study. Search, read and find the right illustration to compliment your material.

Sermon Quotations Archive

A collection of over 180,000 quotations to help call the reader's attention to the message and to emphasis an important point. Search, read and find the right quotation to compliment your material.

Additional Resources  (4 total)

Sunday Bulletin Inserts

Sunday Bulletin Inserts are short stories of faith and love written by our best contributors at and With nearly 1,200 short stories to choose from I hope that you can find something to encourage and uplift your congregation while they are waiting for the service to begin.

Gustave Doré's Illustrations

One of the most popular and successful French book illustrator of the mid 19th century, whose highly imaginative theatrical engravings accompanied many literary classics. Presented here are 241 engraved illustrations from the iLa Grande Bible de Tours, a new deluxe edition of the 1843 French translation of the Vulgate Bible, published in 1866.

Bible Maps Archive

Some of the finest maps available for Sunday School or Bible studies, Here you will find an archive of Bible maps from different sources.

The Bible in Pictures

The Choicest Passages of God's Word put in the fascinating garb of 250 illustrated pictures. A great resource for parents, Sunday School teachers & missionaries (pictures speak to every language).