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yā .

1. In the Old Testament:

( אף , 'aph , "also," "moreover," "yea" ( 1 Samuel 21:5 the King James Version; 1 Samuel 24:11 , etc.), גּם , gam , "also," "likewise," "moreover," "yea" (2 Kings 2:3; 2 Kings 16:3 , etc., כּי , kı̄ , "inasmuch," "certainly," "doubtless," "yea" (Psalm 102:13; Psalm 105:12 , etc.)): Each of these words occurs frequently, especially the first two.

2. In the New Testament:

In the New Testament we have: �αί , naı́ , "verily," "yea," the usual particle of affirmation ( Matthew 5:37; Matthew 9:28 , etc.); δέ , dé , "however," "on the other hand" (Luke 2:35; Acts 20:34 the King James Version, etc.); ἀλλά , allá , "however," "but" (Luke 24:22 the King James Version; Romans 3:31 the King James Version, etc.); καί , kai , "also," "besides," "yea" (Acts 3:16; Acts 7:43 the King James Version, etc.). Christ forbids the employment of any affirmation stronger than the solemn repetition of the first mentioned ( Matthew 5:37 ).

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