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kı̄´un : Thus Hebrew כּיּוּן , kı̄yūn , is transliterated in Amos 5:26 the King James Version. The vowels represent an assimilation to some such word as shiḳḳūc , "detestable thing," or gillūl , "idol" (properly "a filthy thing"), in consonance with the well-known habit of the punctuators (compare מלך , mōlekh , Molech with the vowels of בּשׁת , bōsheth , "shame"). The Syriac version has preserved the correct vocalization; apparently also the Septuagint, albeit the consonants have suffered corruption (so particularly in the Greek manuscripts of Acts 7:43 ). There can be no doubt that we should vocalize כּיון , kēwān = the Assyrian Kai(a)-wanu = Kaiamanu by which at least in late Babylonian Saturn was indicated. The passage in Amos refers to the Saturn worship which appears to have been in vogue in the prophet's days. The Israelites shall carry with them into exile the images of their gods (render with the margin of the Revised Version (British and American): "Yea, ye shall take up," etc.). The received vocalization is as old as Aquila and Symmachus.

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