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ONCE, adv. wuns. from one.

1. One time.

Trees that bear mast are fruitful but once in two years.

2. One time, though no more. The mind once tainted with vice is prone to grow worse and worse.
3. At one former time formerly.

My soul had once some foolish fondness for thee, but hence 'tis gone.

4. At the same point of time not gradually.

At once the winds arise, the thunders roll.

At once, at the same time as, they all moved at once hence, when it refers to two or more, the sense is together, as one.

This hath all its force at once, on the first impression.

Once is used as a noun, when preceded by this or that as this once, that once.

ONCE, n. ons. A quadruped of the genus Felis, less than the panther, of a whitish gray color. It is found in Africa and Asia, is easily tamed and is employed like a dog in hunting.

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