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OF'FER, L. offero ob and fero, to bring.

1. Literally, to bring to or before hence, to present for acceptance or rejection to exhibit something that may be taken or received or not. He offered me a sum of money. He offered me his umbrella to defend me from the rain.

The heathen women under the Mogul, offer themselves to the flames at the death of their husbands.

2. To present in words to proffer to make a proposal to.

I offer thee three things. 2 Samuel 24 .

3. To present, as an act of worship to immolate to sacrifice often with up.

Thou shalt offer every day a bullock as a sin-offering for atonement. Exodus 29 .

The one lamb shalt thou offer in the morning.

A holy priesthood to offer up spiritual sacrifices.

1 Peter 2 .

4. To present in prayer or devotion.

Offer to God thanksgiving. Psalms 1 .

5. To bid, as a price, reward or wages as, to offer ten eagles for a ring to offer a hundred dollars a year for a laborer to offer a salary.
6. To present to the view or to the mind as ideas which sense or reflection offers to the mind.

To offer violence, to assault to attack or commence attack.


1. To present itself to be at hand.

Th' occasion offers and the youth complies.

2. To present verbally to declare a willingness. He offered to accompany his brother.
3. To make an attempt.

We came close to the shore and offered to land.

Formerly with at.

I will not offer at that I cannot master. Obs.

OF'FER, n.

1. A proposal to be accepted or rejected presentation to choice. The prince made liberal offers, but they were rejected.

When offers are disdained, and love deny'd.

2. First advance.

Force compels this offer.

3. The act of bidding a price, or the sum bid. By an offer we manifest a desire to buy. When the seller declines accepting, he manifests that he thinks the offer not sufficient.
4. Attempt endeavor essay.

It is the power of every one to make some essay, some offer and attempt. Nearly obsolete.

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