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OC'CUPY, L. occupo ob and capio, to seize or take.

1. To take possession. The person who first occupies land which has no owner, has the right of property.
2. To keep in possession to possess to hold or keep for use. The tenant occupies a farm under a lease of twenty one years. A lodger occupies an apartment a man occupies the chair in which he sits.
3. To take up to possess to cover or fill. The camp occupies five acres of ground. Air may be so rarefied as to occupy a vast space. The writing occupies a sheet of paper, or it occupies five lines only.
4. To employ to use.

The archbishop may have occasion to occupy more chaplains than six.

5. To employ to busy one's self. Every man should be occupied, or should occupy himself, in some useful labor.
6. To follow, as business.

All the ships of the sea with their mariners were in thee to occupy thy merchandise. Ezekiel 27 .

7. To use to expend.

All the gold that was occupied for the work - Exodus 38 . Not now in use.

OC'CUPY, To follow business to negotiate.

Occupy till I come. Luke 19 .

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