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Devotional: November 27th

The day shall declare it. - 1 Corinthians 3:13

The day referred to is the day when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven in flaming fire, when the dead shall be raised, and the judgment commence.

Oh, what a day will that be! Then every covering shall be removed; and every secret exposed. It will be a revealing day, a convincing day, a confirming day, a condemning day, a justifying day. Then our motives will all be discovered, and our intentions laid bare. Hypocrisy will be condemned, and deception punished.

O beloved, let us live as having that day before us; let us act as though persuaded that then all will be discovered. Are we sincere?--the day will declare it. Are we aiming at God's glory, or self-exaltation?--the day will declare it. Are we conducting our business on Christian, or worldly principles?--the day will declare it. Are we honest and humble?--the day will declare it. Is our profession from principle, from faith in, and love to Jesus?--the day will declare it.

Oh that that day may declare that we are humble, holy, watchful, diligent disciples of the Lord Jesus!

Before we place in dread array
The pomp of that tremendous day,
When Thou with clouds shall come
To judge the nations at Thy bar;
And tell me, Lord, shall I be there?
To meet the joyful doom?

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