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Psalms 133

Verse 1


Our old Bibles make a very brief account in summing up the contents of this Psalm, but they say a vast deal in few words; they call it The benefit of the communion of saints! And indeed the church being one in Christ, and with Christ, nothing can be more evident, than that this is the whole scope of it.

A Song of Degrees of David.

Ps 133

Reader! first behold Jesus in this Psalm. He is the glorious Head, from whose life-giving, soul-awakening, soul-cleansing, soul-transforming, and soul-strengthening, influences, all communion is derived, so as to keep alive his members in him, and opening fellowship and communion with each other from him. The sacred writer makes use of a beautiful illustration, in explaining this blissful truth: the holy oil on the head of Aaron ran down to the lowest skirts; and Jesus, our almighty Aaron, was anointed with the oil of gladness above, and for, his fellows; The Spirit was given without measure unto him. Unto us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ, John 3:34; Ephesians 4:7. This anointing is also fruitful, like the dew on the hill of Hermon: for Hermon, though a fruitful hill, must be replenished by the dew, as well as the souls of the redeemed by grace, or both will be dry, and unproductive. No communion shall we have with one another, no replenishing in ourselves, unless Jesus imparts to all. Sweet thought! Jesus is to his people as a dew from the Lord, as showers upon the grass that tarrieth not for man; neither waiteth for the sons of men, Micah 5:8. Gracious Lord! refresh thy church, thy brethren, thy fellows (as thou condescendest to call them) and keep our souls alive in thee, and from thee; so that we may have sweet communion and fellowship with each other, to the glory of our great Head, in our Zion, from whence thou hast promised the blessing and life, in the king of Zion, forevermore.

Verse 3


THINK, my soul, how little of this fellowship and communion is found in the present day, in the languishing state of our Churches! Behold the cause! If there be no constant receivings from Christ, how shall there be communications among the brethren? If the intercourse with the great Head be remitted, what, shall the members have to impart! Oh! for grace to be looking unto Jesus, the life-giving Head of his Church! Oh! Lord Jesus, that thou wouldest visit thy people, thy ministers, thy churches! Tell me, O thou whom my soul loveth, where thou feedest thy flock at noon! See, Lord! how thy people languish. Give us, Lord, a little reviving in our bondage; come among us with thy great power; stir us up to take hold of thy strength: so shall we have grace flourishing in our own hearts, and communications will go forth among the brethren; so shall we be prepared for the everlasting enjoyment of Jesus and his Church by grace here, for glory hereafter.

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