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Book Overview - Nehemiah

by Matthew Poole


THIS book seems not to have been written by Ezra, because it is written in a quite differing and more plain and easy style, and without that mixture of Chaldee or Syriac words which is in the book of Ezra; but by Nehemiah, Nehemiah 1:1 who wrote an account of his own transactions, as Ezra did of his. But whether this be the same Nehemiah who came up with Zerubbabel, Ezra 2:2 Nehemiah 7:7, may be questioned, the same name being oft given to divers persons. And for the name of Tirshatha, which is used both Ezra 2:63 Nehemiah 7:65, Nehemiah 7:70, that seems to be the title of his office, and so belongs to any governor, whether it was Zerubbabel, or Nehemiah, or any other.