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The People's Bible by Joseph Parker


Book Overview - James

by Joseph Parker


(Jerusalem, a.d61)

[Note.—"There were two Apostles named James or Jacob; one of whom was the son of Zebedee and the brother of John, and was put to death by Herod, as related in Acts 12:2; and the other, called James the Less, or the Little ( Mark 15:40), probably in allusion to his stature, was the son of Alphæus or Cleopas (see Matthew 10:3; Mark 3:18; Acts 1:13; Luke 24:18); and being a near kinsman of the Lord, is called his brother ( Galatians 1:19, etc.) The latter of these is commonly supposed to have been the writer of this Epistle.

"This Epistle is supposed to have been written after the Epistle to the Romans—i.e, not before a.d58, and probably in61, the year before the Apostle"s martyrdom. Neander, Davidson, and others, give an earlier date, about a.d45. The whole strain of the Epistle, however, indicates a state of degeneracy, both degrading and extensive, such as could hardly have existed at the commencement of the gospel."—Angus"s Bible Handbook.]