Bible Commentaries

Luke 23

Verses 1-56

This is the story of the Cross, and, as in dealing with other Gospels, it is best read in reverent quietness and meditation. We see all the forces of evil as represented in the Jewish priests and in Pilate joining hands to secure the murder of Jesus. Dr. Maclaren has remarked that there is something impressive in the unbroken continuity of the clauses in this paragraph which follow one another, linked by a simple 'and,' like the waves of the Dead Sea which roll heavily in dreary succession. It is for us to stand on the margin of that sea of unutterable anguish, and to remember that His submerging was for our deliverance.

What mingled feelings of disappointment and love must have filled the heart of Joseph as he laid the body of Jesus in his garden grave. Nevertheless, the love was the supreme matter, and it found vindication later.