Bible Commentaries

Jeremiah 32

Verses 1-44

The next of the prophecies of hope consists of the account of Jeremiah's purchase of a field in Anathoth, with the interpretation of the suggestiveness of the action. While he was still in prison through the opposition of Zedekiah, the word of the Lord came to him, informing him of the coming of Hanamel his cousin, requesting him to buy a field in Anathoth. Knowing that this was the will of God, he purchased the field, and declared in the presence of witnesses that his purchase was a sign that houses and fields and vineyards would yet be bought in the land.

Notwithstanding this, the outlook seemed so contrary to any such expectation that Jeremiah inquired of the Lord how the prophecy he had uttered could be fulfilled. This inquiry was introduced by an ascription of praise to God, and a description of the wonder of His dealing with His people.

Jehovah's answer to his inquiry consisted, first, of an all-inclusive general affirmation of His Being and power, coupled with an inquiry whether anything was too hard for Him. The word of the Lord then proceeded to declare to Jeremiah the certainty of the judgment which he had already foretold, and the reasons for it.

Finally, that word of the Lord announced the divine determination to gather His people together from all the countries, and declared the resulting restoration of prosperity, so that what Jeremiah had declared to his cousin and the witnesses would become true.