Bible Commentaries

Jeremiah 3

Verses 1-25

Following the impeachment, the prophet appealed to the people to return. This appeal commenced with a declaration that Jehovah's love was greater than man's in that He was willing to receive back the people who had been unfaithful if they would return to Him.

Jeremiah then pointed out the conditions of return, describing the sin of Israel, and of Judah, and appealing to each in turn. Of course, his message was principally to Judah, as he pointed out that because Judah had persisted in her sin, in spite of all she had seen of the evil results in the case of Israel, her attitude was more terrible than that of Israel.

This is followed by the recitation of an ideal confession for the sinning people. Weeping, they make their supplication. Recognizing the vanity of expecting help from any source other than Jehovah, they turn to Him with confession of sin.