Bible Commentaries

Jeremiah 29

Verses 1-32

As a result of this false prophesying, Jeremiah sent a letter to the exiles. It is evident that they also were disturbed. The letter instructed them, first, concerning their present position, advising them to settle in Babylon and beware of false prophets. It then proceeded to declare what the future would be. Deliverance was in the purpose of God for them, but it would not be accomplished until after seventy years. The promise of deliverance then is full of tenderness and of beauty. It ended by a detailed repetition of the sentence of Jehovah against the people, and a stern denunciation of the prophets, accompanied by a prophecy of their doom.

One of the prophets among the exiles, Shemaiah, wrote to Zephaniah the priest, protesting against his inactivity and declaring that his duty was to put Jeremiah in the stocks and shackles. This letter Zephaniah showed to Jeremiah, who, acting under the direction of Jehovah, sent to all those in captivity, denouncing Shemaiah and foretelling his doom.