Bible Commentaries

Isaiah 60

Verses 1-22

In this and the next two chapters, we have a glorious description of the ultimate realization of the purposes of God. It commences with a declaration of the material prosperity of the people described in the last verses of the previous chapter. The breaking of the new day is first spoken of. The holy nation is a center of light in the midst of surrounding darkness. The glory of Jehovah manifest, nations and kings gather to the new center.

A graphic description of the returning exiles follows. The scattered sons and daughters are seen gathering home, bearing with them the wealth of the nations, and followed by the peoples.

The established city is then seen built by strangers, while surrounding peoples submit themselves, or perish; and Jehovah is known as Saviour, Redeemer, and Mighty One.

The ultimate conditions of the high noon of prosperity are set forth. Material prosperity and moral rectitude are to issue from perfect government. The glory of the people is to be Jehovah Himself, and the issue is perfect gladness. The days of mourning are to be ended, and all weakness change into strength.