Bible Commentaries

Isaiah 50

Verses 1-11

Proceeding, Jehovah challenges the people to prove their assertion that they have been forsaken by producing the writing in which God has divorced His people, and declares to them that the reason of their separation was their sin, but that although Jehovah found no man, He Himself is determined on deliverance.

We now come to the answer of the Servant to the call of Jehovah. This is, first of all, a declaration of consecration to the pathway of suffering (verses Isaiah 50:4-9). Taught of God, He is prepared to submit Himself to smiting, assured that He will be sustained by Jehovah.

Then commences a description of His ministry of suffering. In this the first thing is the brief word that separates the people. Those who fear the Lord and abide in darkness are bidden to trust. Those that walk in the light of the fire they have kindled are condemned to sorrow.