Bible Commentaries

Isaiah 45

Verses 1-25

The fifth of these messages of Jehovah is a charge to Cyrus. First of all, it utters to him the promises of God which are intended to be his strength in carrying out the divine purpose. These all emphasize the ability and activity of Jehovah. He next declares the purpose for which His servant is called and equipped. It is a twofold purpose. First, for Israel's sake; and, second, in order that the world may know that He alone is God. He then declares His power to be universal, and the charge ends with a protest against objections which may be made to the appointment of Cyrus.

The sixth message is a brief one (verses Isaiah 45:14-17), in which Jehovah again declares His purpose for His people. It is that the peoples shall submit themselves, and that Israel shall be saved with an everlasting salvation.

The seventh and final message (verses Isaiah 45:18-25) declares His purpose for the ends of the earth. His original purpose was that the world should be inhabited. His purpose for His own people was that they might seek Him, and manifest His righteousness. His purpose for all the peoples is their salvation. Comparing Himself with idols, He declares that in right relation to Him salvation may be found, and in no other way.