Bible Commentaries

Isaiah 29

Verses 1-24

This is the first of a series of declamations concerning the chosen people, and sets forth the purpose of Jehovah in judgment. The message opens with a description of the judgment (verses Isaiah 29:1-4), and declares how suddenly all the foes of Jerusalem shall be discomfited (verses Isaiah 29:5-8). The prophet then breaks out into a mourning description of the condition of the people. They are blind, and unable to understand the messages delivered (verses Isaiah 29:9-12). This blindness he declares to be the result of their infidelity to God.

In the remaining part of the prophecy he continues his declaration of the purpose of Jehovah concerning them. After denouncing the conspirators who were attempting to mislead the people, and warning them that they cannot be hidden from Jehovah, he breaks out into a fine description of the coming deliverance. This deliverance is to be characterized by a restoration of sensibility to the people who have been blind and stupid. This is to be followed by a restoration of order in which all the oppressed will obtain the justice which so long has been lacking. And, finally, there will be the restoration of the true order in sanctification of the holy name and establishment of right relationship with Jehovah.