Bible Commentaries

Isaiah 22

Verses 1-25

In the midst of the prophecies concerning the nations occurs one of protest against the indifference of Jerusalem to the prophet's messages. He first describes the joyous people as they stand in contrast to him, with his sorrow and his broken heart. He introduces his description by inquiring what ails them. He then declares it to be a day of discomfiture, and speaks of the gathering armies and of the siege of the city. It was a day in which Jehovah had called to mourning, and they were filled with merriment. This was an unpardonable sin, as it revealed their absolute callousness. Immediately following this protest, the prophet utters his denunciation on Shebna, the ruler, filled with pride, declaring that he would be rejected from his office. His place was to be taken by Eliakim, whose appointment and administration are described. This is another instance in which for us the local application is overshadowed by the Messianic values.