Bible Commentaries

Isaiah 11

Verses 1-16

In this section the prophet's eyes are lifted toward the light of a far-off day. With judgment imminent, he yet sees the ultimate issue of it all. There is fist a description of a Coming One (Isaiah 11:11). The description of the Coming One is divided into two parts. The first describes Him as the Branch, that is, as David's Son (verses Isaiah 11:1-9). His Coming is proclaimed, His anointing by the Spirit of Jehovah is declared, the method of His rule is described, and the glorious results are announced. The prophecy now describes Him as the Root, that is, David's Lord (verses Isaiah 11:10-15). Again His Coming is announced, but this time for the uplifting of an ensign that the nations may seek Him. Again His reign is described. The first process is to be the gathering together of the remnant. This is followed by the uplifting of the ensign for the nations. The result will be the restoration of unity between Ephraim and Judah, and their victory over their foes. All this will be accompanied by manifestations of the power of God as their fathers had seen it in connection with the Exodus.